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Annette offers practical advice for clear, healthy skin that stays looking fresh and young. These are the three most common questions people ask about caring for their skin.  You can  send questions of your own to Annette for expert advice. Click on the question to see the answer. 

How do I protect my skin against damage caused by the Sun?

Use a sunscreen every time you go into the sun.
Make sure you use a sunscreen with SPF of 15+ or higher. Use daily 30 minutes before going out into the sun and check the label to be sure that the active ingredient has UVA blocking ingredients of Titanium Dioxide, Zinc Oxide and/or Avobenzone (also called Parsol 1789)

Cleanse away dead skin cells

Your skin is constantly being rejuvenated by fresh cells under the lower layers of the dermis (skin). Dead cells on the surface can block pores and lead to skin blemishes.
Glycolic acid will assist in removing dead skin cells and bringing new cells to the skin’s surface, therefore helping to bring about younger and healthier looking skin.

Treat sun-damaged skin with glycolic acid, vitamin c serum, and lactic peel.

Glycolic Acid is a derivative of fruit and acts as a mild exfoliant and peeling treatment which removes dead skin cells and encourages rapid cell renewal of the underlying skin.
This removes lines and wrinkles whilst acting as a complete acne treatment. The ingredients have been proven to work, and are safe, non-irritating, colour, alcohol and fragrance free.